Beyond technology. A Science museum with urban gardening

Beyond technology. A Science museum with urban gardening

MUSE is the beautiful Science museum in the city of Trento (Italy) built by the well-know Italian architect Renzo Piano.
It is part of a urban neighborhood called Le Albere created by the regeneration of a former industrial area, located in the western part of Trento, and dismissed in the 1980s.

I found profoundly interesting that there is an adjacent urban garden, open for visitors. It is built following the museum’s philosophy and in harmony with the traditions of the Trentino area like the traditional wooden fences that close the garden.

Urban garden at Museum of Technology_Trento

Urban garden_Trento


The Museum mission is to ”explain Nature, beginning from the mountain landscape, with the eyes, the instruments and the questions of the scientific research, rising the challenges of today, encouraging scientific curiosity and the pleasure of knowledge so to give value to science, innovation and sustainability”.

Vegetables in urban garden at museum_Trento

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