Dancing without boundaries with refugee kids

Dancing without boundaries with refugee kids

Have you ever feel released when dancing? Andrea Marton, the choreographer and founder of the initiative with refugee kids in Munich called ‘Grenzen-los-tanzen’ (translated ‘Dancing without boundaries’) thinks so.

In the summer of 2015 thousands of refugees reached Munich and every empty building in the city was improvised to accommodate them. The citizens of Munich were ready to help and Andrea asked herself what can I do? What do I have that can help?

She started her initiative in 2016. She decided to use her dancing skills for refugees to develop body awareness, creativity to channel energy, supports integration, etc. just to name some of the benefits. And it amazingly works!

Dancing with refugee kids_Munich

Boys group practicing in one of their sessions Mondays

Due to the founder’s career in the art dancing scene, she was able to find just the right experienced art dancers that were willing to join the team.

This is how Barbara, Franzi and Laura came together and became the instructors that teach children and youngsters the art of dancing every Monday of the year. ‘It is a way of coming down, relax, release tensions and come together for the sake of dancing’, says the founder. “I take my scarf off and dance”, says Saga, one of the refugee girls.

Dacing with refugee kids_Team Munich

The team: Franzi, Laura, Andrea and Barbara (from the left to the right)

The project is very unique. The instructors come to the refugee accommodation where almost 800 people live. They know the kids and their families and have built a solid relationship that is quite evident at first sight.

“The continuity of the project is based on the trust that the families put on us”, concludes proudly the founder.

The initiative is funded by donations.

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