Food for thought

Food for thought

Like many ideas, this wasn’t the first time somebody came up with this.

Five years ago, I started as a trainee and we had a project to create an initiative that fixes one problem and solves something else. Our idea was simple: people and restaurants usually have food, either uncooked and close to expiration, or leftovers from fully cooked meals, just moments from being thrown away. There are also people who are looking for food at that same moment. By connecting these to, you could help the environment by limiting the excess food, and helping people to find the next meal.

From the perspective of the restaurants:
– Going public: you could make sure these products are given to a platform or official place where it could be handled efficiently, like Rescuing Leftover Cuisine or Food Rescue in the US.
– Going commercial: you could also sell these leftovers to people who are willing to select an available meal and pay a discounted price, like the app ResQ in Northern Europe.

From the perspective of the cook:
– Going local: Some people may cook a lot of food at home, but have leftovers. There could also be people in the same area that are looking for food. You could set-up an mobile application and connect these two. One extra benefit, is that this creates connections in the local community: you could meet new people and help each other out.

Food for thought!

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