Le Panier: Bizzarre Outdoor Art Gallery

Le Panier: Bizzarre Outdoor Art Gallery

Le Panier is a vibrant multicultural district of Marseille with a long history. Nowadays, in this emblematic district you can find some souvenir shops, painting galleries, small design boutique, tiny multicultural restaurants; bars… small squares where you can sit surrounding by the old nice and decadent colorful buildings… But one of the most striking things about Le Panier is all the street art, found in every alley, nook and cranny.

Amour_Street art Le Panier Marseille

Love is all what we need in this world. I would like to have it painted in my neighbourhood.

Bird_Street art Le Panier Marseille

Hidden between the branches of a small olive tree.

Some of them are really beautiful, other just strange human expressions. Different artists are present on the walls of Le Panier. It is a really enjoyable walk without no direction or course rather than discovering these paintings in a surprise way. Frescos murals, graffiti, tags, stencils, collages…

Girl_Street art Le Panier Marseille

A beautiful girl smelling the flowers.

Actually you can even hire a Street Art Tour with local artists. They offer you another way to discover this rich place full of history and culture, sharing their passion for urban art and presenting the works of local and international 

I have a lot of pictures to share. But I believe it would be better you take a train to Marseille to hang out around Le Panier and discover by yourself this amazing outdoor gallery.

Jamaican boy_Street Art Le Panier Marseille

Is this guy singing a Jamaican song?

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