Lose an item to find honesty

Lose an item to find honesty

From baby shoes to love letters, keys and even money.

These are the kind of things you can encounter at the ‘Lost & Found’ Findfence. They are tall metal structures located in public spaces in Amsterdam that residents can use to hang on them any lost items they found. These structures, called Vindhek, demand honesty and trust in a city where 178 different nationalities live and meet in public spaces.

The person behind this great idea is Annemarieke Weber.

It goes beyond a ‘Lost & Found’ space. As an artist, Weber specialises in bringing people together in an interactive and creative way, aiming to help people see, meet and understand each other, in a world where everyone is looking on her of his portable devices, cell phones and laptops into a virtual ´elswhere´ while being in public spaces where you actually can see and meet real fellow human beings or inspiring surroundings.

Weber wants to stimulate dialogue and art in public spaces, and encourage people to show they care about their fellow human beings by Dutch social Design.

Findfence has become an iconic meeting place that makes people smile, meet and interact.


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