‘Mmuseumms’ On The Street To Look At Humanity Through Objects

‘Mmuseumms’ on the street to look at humanity through objects

LOTS of New Yorkers faced with space-starved apartments and carefully assembled obsessions have joked about opening a museum of their stuff. Not many would actually go through with it. Not many are the Kalman family.

With a few like-minded friends, Alex Kalman saw an undertrafficked city block used mostly as a creepy backdrop for “Law & Order” and thought to make it a home for a tiny, annually changing array of objets culled from a global network of artists and aficionados. It’s called Mmuseumm.

The Mmuseumms present a glimpse into the psyche of others, whether they’re the kind of people who amass and index cornflakes — like Anne Griffiths of England — or lovingly maintain a starched, minimalist, all-white wardrobe, like Ms. Berman. “When she died,” in 2004, “I just had the complete sense that her closet would be an amazing museum, and people would love to come and see it,” her daughter said. In its pristine organization and wry choices, it offers, Ms. Kalman said, “peace of mind and a sense of humor,” which she hoped would translate to visitors.

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