Recycling taxi collects garbage at home via app

Recycling taxi collects garbage at home via app

I’ve learned about a new project called Recycling taxi, that has recently started its operation in Minsk (Belarus), and I decided to try it immediately. The idea is to encourage recycling by collecting garbage easily using technology (app in Android).


Dmitry Kuchuk shows, how the app is working

People separate their garbage at home and then use a phone app to call a taxi, that will take away the garbage and even pay some money to the owner of the items.


A worker walks at the sorting station after Recycling taxi has brought some garbage
Dmitry Kuchuk, the founder of the recycling taxi service, says, that this app helps people to pay more attention to sorting garbage, and it’s both social and for making money. He hopes that the project starts repaying soon.


Dmitry Kuchuk next to Recycling taxi banner in his office
As soon as I installed the app, I had several options to choose what garbage I wanted to be taken away: glass, paper, plastic, lamps, batteries or household appliances. Within 15 min I got a call, saying that the taxi will arrive right on time I’ve set in the app. It took me several minutes and all bags with litter disappeared from my apartment. Very fast and convenient way to be green, I would say! After the garbage is collected, it is being delivered to a sorting station and then is sold to recycling companies.

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