Street Art Keeps The Slaughterhouse Neighbourhood Colourful

Street art keeps the Slaughterhouse neighbourhood colourful

Street art has grown up in Munich. It is very much concentrated in the Slaughterhouse neighbourhood where local sprayers meet around a wall located in the Tumblingerstrasse and the old cattle train station. Artists are permitted to paint along the wall to keep colourful what still remains of the old slaughterhouse site.

Wall available for street art artists in the Tumblingerstrasse (Munich)

Here, in this particular part of Munich, the underground culture has lived for a long time. Even the well-known street artist Blek Le Rat has beautified the Tumblingerstraße.

Wall available for street art artists in the Tumblingerstrasse (Munich)

However, excavators have dug their shovels into the street art at the Slaughterhouse tearing down the walls bit by bit. By 2020, the city council plans to build a Theatre, flats, day nurseries and commercial space on the site.

Street Art in the Slaughterhouse neighbourhood (Munich)

Despite all the construction plans, this wall still remains the Mecca of street art in Munich and is available to artists. The project is cooperating with companies and the Münchner street art artist Fader One as curator. Even neighbours and other citizens have supported the project. They want to be part of the transformation of this beautiful neighbourhood.

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