Street lighting sheds light on the history of the city

Street lighting sheds light on the history of the city

Street light with a meaning in Vienna. Lamp posts with sculptures in the form of a shining Star of David shed light on the history of the city.

In the commemorative year of 2018, light symbols were erected in 16 Viennese districts at the 25 former sites of synagogues that were deliberately destroyed beyond recognition during the November Pogrom in 1938 to commemorate the places, as well as their history.

Light symbol in the Malzgasse street

City lighting was primarily created to serve the purpose of security and protect the wanderer. As urban dwellers feel safe approaching the light, the tangled, curved lines gradually transform into the sculpture of the Star of David, creating a moment of remembrance for those whose city failed to be a safe place. Commemoration becomes an active action transforming urban spaces in places for dialogue in the city.

The artist Brigitte Kowanz and her class for Transmedial Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna has initiated the initiative Lichtzeichen in collaboration with the Jewish Museum Vienna. The Austrian artist Lukas Maria Kaufmann designed these symbols, and a jury selected his project.

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