Taking Things Out Of Context Invigorates The City

Taking things out of context invigorates the city

Believe or not, die ‘MS Alte Utting’ is a decommissioned boat perched on a bridge in Munich.

After 70 years of service as a pleasure boat on the Ammersee lake outside Munich, ‘Alte Utting’ has found a new harbour on a bridge in the Lagerhaustrasse in the hippest neighbourhood of Munich ‘Schlachthofviertel‘.

The steamer MS Utting was built in 1950 and has since been part of the Bavarian Lake Fleet. Throughout the years she carried tons of passengers across the Ammersee on excursions. On board festivals were celebrated, one or the other band played on deck. After more than 65 years, the historic traditional ship retired at the end of 2016 and was originally scheduled to be scrapped in early 2017.

A friends association called Wannda e.V. wanted to save the ship from scrapping. This quickly led to the idea of bringing the ship ashore in the city and developing it into an art and cultural project.

This disruptive idea has attracted crowds and helps invigorate the Bavarian city’s night life scene.

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