The People’s Fridge

The People’s Fridge

The so-called People’s Fridge made its very first appearance in London in May 2016 when a group of food traders and activists in Brixton were inspired by similar fridges in Germany, Spain, India and Somerset.

A team of 30+ people ran a crowdfunding campaign raising over £2,200 to buy the fridge and run it. Jamie Oliver heard about the initiative and brought it on TV.

Maintenance along with circulation of food, and making sure it’s fresh will be done by local volunteers who will ensure the fridge is a secure alternative to throwing away unwanted food. It is a great way of encouraging people to be more conscious about food waste.

Who can take food? Anyone! People’s Fridge Brixton is a judgment free zone – no need to show ID cards or proof of hunger.

 Who can leave food? People and businesses. But only certified food businesses can leave cooked food on the Fridge shelves.

When is the Fridge open? Monday-Thursday 9-7, Friday-Sunday 9-5

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