Urban gardening for kindergardens in Barcelona

Urban gardening for kindergardens in Barcelona

There is something really exciting about seeing local kids experiencing the tasty rewards of an urban garden project. Some of these kids eat mostly unhealthy, processed food, and have never seen vegetables growing, as their homes and schools are mostly built on asphalt.

The #GreenSchools project aims to gain more green space for the city and teaches kids how to garden and eat healthy — an important life skill that will serve them into adulthood.

A group of volunteers from We Roam got their hands dirty over the weekend, cutting old wheels, painting them and preparing the modules to accommodate an urban garden project at the Kindergarten, Escola Bressol Municipal Guinardó, in Barcelona.

We Roam is the professional travel-while-working program that curates trips around the world for select remote workers who want to pursue their love of travel without putting their careers on hold. They travel to a new city each month, where while living and working there, like to get involved with community service and charitable activities in order to give back.

Lucky for us, their May stop has landed them here in Barcelona. We’re thrilled that they have joined Citycise in Barcelona to help build an urban garden from recycled materials for kids, highlighting the importance of reducing waste for the environment.

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