‘We love Water’: Street art to fight wet wipes flushing

‘We love Water’: Street art to fight wet wipes flushing

#WeloveWater is an urban action born in Barcelona that uses the power of street art to raise awareness about the problem of flushing wet wipes into the cities’ sewer system. The graffitis convert drains and sewage covers into marine species to remind people that the sewer system is an open window to the ocean.

Urban art is a powerful tool in provoking an engagement of people with their environment. The environmental challenges like pollution in our oceans begin with us, with our actions such as throwing wipes and other non-biodegradable elements into the WC.

Wet wipes spotted in Cala Bou, Ibiza island

#WeLoveWater raises the importance of proper wipes disposal; not throwing them into the WC but in the trash bin.

Street art is accessible and inclusive; it reaches a big crowd and can provoke a reaction in people’s consciousness hopefully making a difference for the environment.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” – W. H. Auden

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