Westwerk in Leipzig, preserving culture over business

Westwerk in Leipzig, preserving culture over business

The WESTWERK is an art quarter and off space located in the creative neighbourhood of Plagwitz in Leipzig (Germany), between the Karl-Heine-Straße and the Weißenfelser Straße directly at the King Albert Bridge on the Karl-Heine-Canal.

Westwerk building

The Westwerk is an important place for many people in the West of Leipzig. It is a symbolic place for an uncommercial, creative and also subversive character, which Leipzig increasingly loses.

Ateliers and shops at Westwerk, Leipzig

The origins of the former industrial site date back to the 19th century. The WESTWERK is a starting point for everyone and diversity is one of its core values. There are a variety of offers like gastronomy, exhibitions, markets, music events, theater, training and more. Artisans, artists, traders and professionals, freelancers, clubs, and musicians find in WESTWERK a place of collective and progressive work, a place to be in order to realize goals, desires, plans and projects.

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