Our mission is to inspire
to act for a better city

We aim at inspiring citizens, urban planners, city officials and any urban developer to investigate how they build on great urban actions already happening in cities

The Urban Activist raises awareness about local people from all over the world shaping better cities, who deserve world recognition. Those urban actions have a positive impact on environment and society.


Hola! I’m Susana, the mastermind behind The Urban Activist. I’m combining my two passions in life -cities and social impact- in order to provide the most unique stories about people and their innovative actions in cities on issues such as migration, urban mobility, environment, housing affordability, tolerance, access to culture; you name it!

All of the content is meticulously researched. I make sure to talk personally to the people behind those urban actions; an incredible source of inspiration for me and all The Urban Activist’s readers.

If you also have a great story to tell and want to contribute to The Urban Activist or collaborate in any other way, I can’t wait to hear from you: susanafmolina@theurbanactivist.com