Rethinking Cultural Institutions & Museums in Cities

The world is facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges that will require city administrations, policymakers, academia, artists and citizens to open up to one another and find new ways of collaborating. By moving their traditional boundaries beyond the static viewing of culture, they help address the societal challenges of our time. In this series with the non-profit organization 1014 in New York, we explore how some cultural institutions in cities, on both sides of the Atlantic, are acting as useful places for solutions.

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Inspiring Global Climate Action

Keeping global warming below +1.5 degrees Celsius will not be achieved in Paris, Washington DC, or Glasgow alone. Efforts against climate change will mostly occur at the grassroots level, where activists throughout the world work for a greener and more sustainable future. Together with the non-profit organization 1014, we engage with urban practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic, who inspire and spark action in cities.

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African Urban Dreamers

Welcome to Dreamtown. Although the well-being of many young urban Africans is under immense pressure, they are remarkably taking on many issues to transform their communities into safe, green and thriving societies. This series, in collaboration with the non-profit organization DREAMTOWN and their network of amazing youth led organizations, shows their boldness in its fullest glory. We strive for people to see these young Africans as the urban activists that they are in their everyday lives and shift the narrative of what Africa is and can be.

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