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Utopian Hours Festival, Manifesto for a New City Making, Turin, Italy

Utopian Hours Festival captures prominent urban projects but also taps into people’s dreams to build bottom-up pressure and push the boundaries for change

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Our panel discussion in New York on Urban Activism – Watch video

This conversation co-hosted with 1014 in New York explores what urban activism means to people, its power to create positive change, and how it has been evolving over the past decades.

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At the Velo-city Conference 2023, in Leipzig: “The bike is part of a bigger plan”

Cities still live by cars, but the Velo-city conference shows how to embrace the bike and social infrastructure to boost cycling

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WRLDCTY 2022, The Global Forum for Urban Innovation, New York

These are my takeaways from the WRLDCTY Conference in New York. “Isn’t it a little bit like building the airplane while taking off?”

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