Surf a river in the middle of the city

Surf a river in the middle of the city

This is the Eisbach, a small channel of the Isar River that runs through Munich’s big, central park. Every day, more than one hundred aspiring river shredders line up to surf the continuous, ice-cold wave that rolls through the channel all day long.

Not even snow holds them back!

Surfers have been flocking to the river since the 1970s, but riding the wave was illegal until 2010. The few surfers who knew about it tried to keep cameras away so their spot would remain a secret, but now it’s escaped and there’s no turning back.

You shouldn’t surf the Eisbach if you’re inexperienced, because unlike ocean waves, you have no time to paddle in and stand up— you need to be ready to ride from the moment you hit the water.

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