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Rethinking Cultural Institutions & Museums in Cities

The world is facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges that will require city administrations, policymakers, academia, artists and citizens to open up to one another and find new ways of collaborating. By moving their traditional boundaries beyond the static viewing of culture, they help address the societal challenges of our time. In this series with the non-profit organization 1014 in New York, we explore how some cultural institutions in cities, on both sides of the Atlantic, are acting as useful places for solutions.


A Museum’s Stance On The Nazi Legacy Of Its Grounds

The Museum of Egyptian Art was built where a monumental building for the Nazi Party was supposed to stand in Munich. In this city, dealing with the past in public spaces is controversial but the museum hewed to its principle.



Artist Lee Mingwei Creates Moments Of Change In Cities

Lee Mingwei has transgressed the walls of museums. His participatory art provokes human connectedness among strangers. These moments of change are evidence of how museums could embrace new approaches to advance social value.